What Do WeStand For?

Through education, we empower parents and their kids to safely enjoy and benefit from aquatic environments in the United States.

Through partnerships and donations, we fund learn-to-swim programs in your local area and create affordable aquatic sport opportunities in disadvantaged communities.

What Is Our Vision?

An America where all kids have safe access to water-related developmental and recreational opportunities.

What Is Our Mission?

We provide parents and children with education and resources to help them make better decisions in and around water.

Our 1st goal is to drive down the national unintentional drowning rate among children (1 in 100,000 as of 2019).

Our 2nd goal is to remove barriers to voluntary participation in aquatic sports by children.

What Are Our Values?

This is a set of principles that govern who we are and who we are not:

  • Children Are Our Future
  • Seek The Facts & Provide Insight
  • Insist on the Highest Standards
  • Capitalism Can Be Used For Social Good
  • You Can Be Serious Without A Suit

Want To Get Involved?

Are you a writer, a social media expert, or someone with an eagle-eyed level of attention to detail? Are you driven by a desire to do social good? Reach out to be in the running for paid and volunteer opportunities.

    Become MoreWater Smart

    Take advantage of our educational materials and resources.

    Is Your Pool Fence Illegal?

    Did you know that each state in the United States has individual pool fence laws? Check which regulations apply to you.

    How To Prevent Water Illnesses?

    Bodies of water are a potential source of illness. Learn to deal with hot tub rashes, crypto, diarrhoea and swimmer's ear. 

    Is Your CPR Qualification Current?

    Skills atrophy over time. If you've received your certification more than 24 months ago, it could be due for a renewal.