WHYCOS Team in WMO Secretariat

WHYCOS Team in WMO Secretariat

The WHYCOS programme and the regional HYCOS projects are supported by the scientific and administrative staff of the Hydrology and Water Resources Branch in the Climate and Water Department at WMO.

Under the supervision of the Director of the Climate and Water Department and coordinated by the Chief, Basic Systems in Hydrology Division, each officer is responsible for the implementation of specific projects according to his regional responsibility.




Chief, Basic Systems in Hydrology Division



Tommaso ABRATE

Scientific Officer

Mr Tommaso Abrate joined WMO in 1994 as Junior Professional Officer in the Technical Cooperation Department. In 1997 he moved to the Hydrology and Water Resources Department and since then has been working in support of the WHYCOS programme, notably with the Med-HYCOS and AOC-HYCOS projects. Currently, he is involved in the development of Senegal-HYCOS, and Sava-HYCOS.

He holds a B. Sc in geology from Turin University in 1988, a postgraduate diploma in environmental engineering from Turin Polytechnic in 1991 and a M. Sc. in hydrology and hydrogeology from University Paris VI “Pierre et Marie Curie” in 2007.

Tel. +41 22 730 8338

E-mail: tabrate [at] wmo [dot] int




Scientific Officer

Mr. Daniel SIGHOMNOU joined the WMO Secretariat in April 2013 as Scientific Officer in the Basic Systems in Hydrology Division. Beforehand he worked as a researcher (1980 – 2005) for the Cameroon Hydrological Research Centre, where he was successively promoted from researcher to Deputy and Head of Centre. He leaves the Centre in 2005 with the grade of Senior Scientific Research. He was offered a position at the Niger Basin Authority in Niamey, Niger, In July 2005, where he worked as an Expert Consultant in Hydrology until March 2013. Associate professor at several African high schools and universities, he has authored many scientific publications on hydrology.

Mr. SIGHOMNOU holds a Doctorate (2004) in Water Sciences from the University of Yaoundé, Cameroon. He completed PhD studies in Water Sciences and Development in 1986 at USTL University of Montpellier, France, an M.Sc. (1982) in Water Sciences at University of Paris VI, France and an M.Sc. (1980) in Earth Sciences at the University of Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Mr Sighomnou is responsible for the development and supervision of HYCOS proposals and projects in the WMO Regional Association I, Africa.


M. Daniel SIGHOMNOU a rejoints l’OMM en Avril 2013, comme Fonctionnaire Scientifique à la Division des Systèmes de Base en Hydrologie. Avant son recrutement à l’OMM il a travaillé comme chercheur en hydrologie (1980 – 2005) au Centre de Recherches Hydrologiques du Cameroun où il a évolué successivement de chercheur à Adjoint puis Chef de Centre, avant de quitter son poste en 2005, au grade de Maître de recherche. Il a alors rejoint l’Autorité du Bassin du Niger à Niamey au Niger, où il a travaillé comme Expert Consultant en hydrologie jusqu’au mois mars 2013. Enseignant associé de plusieurs écoles et universités africaines, il est auteur de très nombreuses publications scientifiques en hydrologie.

M. SIGHOMNOU est titulaire d’un Doctorat d’Etat (2004) ès-Sciences Naturelles, Option Sciences de l’eau  de l’Université de Yaoundé I, Cameroun, d’un Doctorat 3ème cycle (1986) en Sciences de l’eau et aménagement de l’USTL de Montpellier, France, d’un DEA en Sciences de l’eau (1982) de l’Université de Paris VI, France et d’une Maîtrise (1980) en Sciences de la terre de l’Université de Yaoundé, Cameroun.  

M. Sighomnou est responsable de l’élaboration et de la supervision des propositions et des projets HYCOS dans la Région I, Afrique, des Associations régionales de l’OMM.

Tel. +41 22 730 8310

E-mail: dsighomnou [at] wmo [dot] int



Chief, Hydrological Forecasting Division




Scientific Officer

Mr Gabriel Arduino joined WMO in October 1996. He studied Civil Engineering and Hydraulics at Montevideo (Uruguay) and IHE Delft (The Netherlands). Before joining WMO he worked under different responsibilities with the Ministry of Transport and Public Works of Uruguay. He also worked as a consultant on issues connected with hydraulic engineering and water resources both in Uruguay and other South American countries.

In November 1995, he was appointed Professor of the Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Environmental Engineering (IMFIA) of the Engineering Faculty of Montevideo.

Mr. Arduino is responsible for development of HYCOS proposals in the Americas (Regional Associations III & IV).

Tel. +41 22 730 8331

E-mail: garduino [at] wmo [dot] int



Claudio CAPONI

Senior Scientific Officer

Mr Claudio Caponi joined WMO in December 1997. Before joining WMO, he held various positions in the field of hydrology and environment, including that of Director General of Environmental Information for the ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Venezuela.

He holds a degree in hydrometeorology from Central University of Venezuela, Caracas, and a degree in applied hydrology from IHE Delft (The Netherlands).

Mr. Caponi is responsible for the training aspects of HYCOS projects and harmonization with other WMO initiatives in capacity-building.

Tel. +41 22 730 8407

E-mail: ccaponi [at] wmo [dot] int