Water Study Project: SADC-HYCOS, Phase II

The second phase of the SADC-HYCOS project focused on the consolidation and redesign of the regional observation network established during the first phase, further development of the sub-regional and national water resources information systems, identification and development of hydrological products of regional interest, training and awareness building.

Funding was secured through the Dutch Government and the European Commission who together committed 4,50 million Euros. The European Commission entered into an agreement with the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry for funding the PRC with € 1.5 million while the Dutch Government and SADC signed an agreement for funding field activities with € 3 million.

WMO’s role was to “oversee and facilitate the implementation of the project, and to provide technical assistance where required.”

The first meeting of the Project Steering Committee was in May 2004.

It discussed the recruitment of the project manager and technical staff and agreed on arrangements for signing the funding agreements for SADC and WMO with The Netherlands.

A workshop on Network Design was organized in Pretoria (May 2006) and followed by the second Steering Committee meeting. During the meeting, a sub-committee was established to finalize the Terms of Reference for a consultant to design the hydrological network.

A consultant from Zimbabwe University was selected and presented his report to the third Steering Committee meeting in Maseru (May 2007). The SC members discussed the report and agreed on the network. Please see the following files for more information: