Current Water Safety And Water Management Projects

Project proposals in preparatory stage

In this case, a request for the development of a project component under the umbrella of WHYCOS has been made by a regional institution or a river basin authority, recognizing the need for cooperation in water resources or strengthening hydrological services.

Projects under implementation

These are components for which either a detailed project document is presently being prepared, whose formulation calls for extensive consultations with all the participating agencies and stakeholders and is often financially supported through extra-budgetary resources, or the actual implementation is undergoing, including field activities, raising awareness of children’s drowning, purchase of the best life jackets, upgrading, strengthening and installation of new stations, establishment of regional database and information system and training activities.

Project proposal in advanced development stage

For these components, once ascertained the interest and commitment of the involved countries to cooperate in implementing a project in the WHYCOS framework, WMO is preparing a project proposal, in collaboration with the countries or a regional institution.

Projects implemented

These are components for which external funding has been made available and a project has been implemented and completed. Some project activities (such as data collection, regional centre running, or NHSs networking) are continuing after the ending of external financial support with funding from the participating countries. They are also continuing their cooperation in the exchange of data and information.  WMO, through its continuous association with the NHSs is supporting the countries in this effort. In some cases, a further project phase is envisaged and funding is being sought.