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Project proposals in preparatory stage

In this case, a request for the development of a project component under the umbrella of WHYCOS has been made by a regional institution or a river basin authority, recognizing the need for cooperation in water resources or strengthening hydrological services.

Congo-HYCOS | Congo-HYCOS overall goal is to contribute to the sustainable development and integrated management of the water resources in the Congo river basin by making available timely and quality controlled water related data and information, reinforcing the countries’ data collecting and managing capacities and facilitating the access reliable information on the hydrological cycle. (more)
Arctic-HYCOS | This project is a science-driven project aimed at monitoring freshwater fluxes and pollutants into the Arctic Ocean with the objectives of using the freshwater flux information to improved climate predictions in the Northern Hemisphere and to assess the pollution of the Arctic coastal areas and the open Arctic Ocean. (more)