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Project implemented : Med-HYCOS

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The first phase of the MED-HYCOS project, funded by the World Bank with a grant of US$ 1,700,000, was implemented from 1997 to 2001. Eighteen countries from the Mediterranean rim participated in the project implementation (Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Macedonia (FYR), Morocco, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey), coordinated by the Pilot Regional Centre (PRC) hosted by the French Institut de Recherche pour le Développement in Montpellier.  In the framework of the project 31 DCPs were installed in selected basins in the participating countries. Another major output of the project has been the establishment of the Mediterranean Hydrological Information System (MHIS), which has been developed by the PRC with the contribution of experts seconded from participating countries. The most important feature of the MHIS is represented by the regional data bank (based on 94 stations including the 31 equipped with DCPs) and the related tools for data retrieval and display. The on-line version of the MHIS is accessible at the Internet address http://medhycos.mpl.ird.fr/. Various training events, on DCP installation and maintenance, on data base and on development of web interfaces were organized for participants from the NHSs involved in the project.

Building on the achievements of MED-HYCOS, two projects are being implemented in the Balkan region, with funding from the European Union (Fifth framework programme – FP5). The first project aims at designing and implementing, at the regional scale of Balkan countries, a Water Observation and Information System for Decision Support and the second project concerns the organization of a Conference on Water Observation and Information System for Decision Support which took place in Ohrid (FYR Macedonia) in May 2004.
Other two regional projects are under consideration aiming at improving forecasts and water management practices in the basins of rivers Sava and Drim/Drini. They will be supported by WMO.

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MED-HYCOS Stations :

Country N° of HYCOS stations N° of other stations
Albania 2 9
Algeria 0 8
Bosnia 1 0
Bulgaria 3 6
Croatia 2 5
Cyprus 3 1
France 0 5
Greece 0 6
Italy 6 (nationally funded) 0
Jordan 1 0
Lebanon 0 5
Macedonia 1 6
Malta 2 0
Morocco 2 3
Palestinian Authority 0 0
Portugal 0 9
Romania 0 5
Slovenia 1 10
Syria 0 0
Spain 0 6
Tunisia 4 3
Turkey* 3 2
Ukraine 0 15
Yugoslavia 0 4
Total 31 108