Implemented Projects

Implemented Projects

These are components for which external funding has been made available and a project has been implemented and completed.

Some project activities (such as data collection, regional center running, or NHSs networking) are continuing after he ending of external financial support with funding from the participating countries. They are also continuing their cooperation in the exchange of data and information.  WMO through its continuous association with the NHSs is supporting the countries in this effort. In some cases a further project phase is envisaged and funding is being sought.

So far the project in this category are:


Eighteen countries from the Mediterranean rim participated in the project implementation, coordinated by the Pilot Regional Centre (PRC) hosted by the French “Institut de Recherche pour le Développement” in Montpellier. Thirty-one DCPs have been installed in selected basins in the participating countries. The major output of the first phase has been the establishment of the Mediterranean Hydrological Information System (MHIS), which has been developed by the PRC with the contribution of experts seconded from participating countries. (more)


The first phase of SADC-HYCOS project involved 11 countries of the South African Development Community  (SADC). The regional coordination of the project was established under the responsibility of the Directorate of Hydrology, Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF), Pretoria, South Africa, which hosted the Regional Centre. The main outcomes were the installation of a network of 43 Data Collection Platforms, and the development of an Internet based Information System based in the Regional Centre. (more)

AOC-HYCOS Pilot Phase

The implementation of the Pilot Phase of AOC-HYCOS (Western and Central Africa) involved eleven countries from the sub-region. The Niger Basin Authority (NBA) and the CILSS AGRHYMET Regional Centre jointly hosted the project Pilot Regional Centre and ensured coordination of the project activities. The major achievement of this pilot phase was to consolidate the development of the Regional Hydrological Observatory of Western and Central Africa (OHRAOC) by supporting data collection activities in the countries and reinforcing the regional data bank. (more)