Children & WaterDon't AlwaysMix

Swimming pools, lakes, rivers, or oceans are simultaneously appealing and dangerous. They’re both a source of family enjoyment and a hazard. Through education, we help parents and kids experience benefits of water while minimizing associated risks.

  • Teach Your Child To Swim
  • Learn Supervision and CPR Skills
  • Use The Right Gear
kids and water

Drowning Is The Second Leading Cause Of Death In Children Aged 1-14


Reduction In Likelihood Of Child Drowning After Taking Formal Swiming Lessons


Percentage of African American Children Who Have Little Swimming Ability


Reduction In Likelihood Of Child Drowning After A Backyard Pool Fence Is Installed

How To BeWater Smart?

Help your kids enjoy water without exposing them to unnecessary risks by focusing on five pillars of water safety.

Water Competency

A child who isn't a strong swimmer is at risk. Teach your child to swim from an early age. 

Correct Supervision

Most drownings can be prevented by proper supervision. Learn the rules and form the right habits. 

Life Jackets

Life jackets save lives. Ensure they fit your child and use them in the right situations. Don't rely on floatation devices (e.g., puddle jumpers) as life saving aids.

be water smart
Emergency Preparation

Will you know what to do if the unthinkable happens? Equip yourself with CPR and first aid skills ASAP.

Pool Fences

Install pool barriers and check them every year in the lead up to summer.