How Does WHYCOS Work?

WHYCOS is being developed in the form of regional or shared basin components referred to as HYCOS components, each of which is independently implemented and meets the priorities expressed by National Hydrological Services and the users of the data and information products they create. The strength of the WHYCOS programme is attained through its HYCOS components by truly meeting the requirements of the local communities without the use of unaffordable solutions.

Each HYCOS component brings together several hydrological services with common interests, either because they share a common drainage basin or are in a well-defined geographical and hydrological region, and is launched when the concerned countries have expressed a collective desire for and commitment to such a development.


This approach enables each HYCOS to establish institutional and financial arrangements appropriate to its region. This also allows each HYCOS to identify activities, procedures and products specific to the hydrological characteristics of the region while meeting the particular needs of the region, participating countries and their hydrological services as well as end users.