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Proposal developed : Hindu Kush Himalaya-HYCOS

In the preparation of the project a high level consultative meeting has been held in 2001 and a consultative panel meeting in 2002. A second high level meeting held in Kathmandu in March 2003 endorsed the project proposal with some amendments. Country consultations are being undertaken jointly by WMO and ICIMOD and in parallel, a data transmission and information dissemination strategy will be developed in cooperation with the donors. A third high level meeting was held in late 2004 and endorsed the final project document.

The project goal will be to establish an efficient and operational flood information system based on real-time data and information on a regional level involving Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Nepal and Pakistan. Funding of project activities including the testing phase of the information management system is secured until March 2005 with US$ 500,000 granted by OfDA and USAID.