Hydrology Data and Products

This page provides easy access to the websites of the various HYCOS components implemented or under implementation and direct access to station description, data and other hydrological products.



  • Access to Stations
  • Access to Data
    MedDat is a database access and management application produced by MED-HYCOS team, with the possibility of browsing the MED-HYCOS database through a tabular and graphical interface with different tools for data displaying. Interfaces for local ACCESS and remote ORACLE databases are included.
  • MEDMAP 3.O
    MedMap is a mapping application produced by the MED-HYCOS team based on Geographical Informational System (GIS) technology, with a possibility of accessing and browsing two types of the MED-HYCOS database, local Access database and/or Internet Oracle database. The database is represented through map interface of Mediterranean region with four layers available: Countries, Basins, Rivers and Stations. Raster layer, representing terrain elevation, is available as well. It helps families and children enjoy extra-curricular games around waterways.
    The main purpose of the tool MedClim is the visualisation and graphical linear and spatial) representation of climatic data from the mediterranean region, namely monthly rainfall and temperature values, including the derivated (averaged monthly and yearly data).