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The World Hydrological Cycle Observing System (WHYCOS) is a WMO programme aiming at improving the basic observation activities, strengthening the international cooperation and promoting free exchange of data in the field of hydrology.

The programme is implemented through various components (HYCOSs) at the regional and/or basin scale. It is guided by the WHYCOS International Advisory Group (WIAG).


Sava-HYCOS Med-HYCOS Caribean-HYCOS Aral-HYCOS Hindu kush Himalaya - HYCOS Mekong HYCOS Pacific HYCOS Pacific HYCOS IGAD- HYCOS Implemented Projects Projects Under Implementation Projects in Advanced Development Projects in preparatory stage sadc hycos phase 2 Senegal Hycos Niger Hycos Volta Hycos Congo Hycos Artic Hycos aoc hycos pilot phase


WHYCOS is developed for promoting a bottom up approach, from the country level through the basin to global scale. WHYCOS and its components primarily focus on strengthening technical and institutional capacities of National Hydrological Services (NHSs) and improving their cooperation in the management of shared water resources. WHYCOS supports the NHS’s to better fulfil their responsibilities, by improving the availability, accuracy, and dissemination of water resources data and information through the development and implementation of appropriate national and regional water resources information systems thereby facilitating its use for sustainable socio-economic development.

NEWS: Advertisements for consultancy service, Deadline 17 December 2011


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