Choosing the best river floating tubes is vital for safety and fun on the river. A suitable river floating tube keeps you right on the course, starting from access to a take-out point, soaking you in all the fun yet, keeping you safe as the water current whisks you away. In this article, I ranked and reviewed the 9 best river floating tubes and highlighted my opinions on the activities most suited for each one. 

Think about the rocks, twigs, water currents, and other obstacles you encountered on that last trip with your friends. You don’t seriously think “any” floating tube will do the trick on your next adventure, do you?

But, if you searched Amazon for the best floating tubes, you would get many options. However, while some are best for pool parties, others are meant for slowly floating down the stream. I’m trying to say that not all floating tubes can be used for thrilling river tubing adventures. 

And since you’re no expert, I’ve taken it upon myself to sieve through the choices to select the 9 best river floating tubes. Yes! So you wouldn’t have to stress or make the wrong decision.

I know! I’m too nice. 

Anyway, here are my findings: 

1. Intex River Run I Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float

Overall, Best River Floating Tube

Shown in Image: The Intex River Run Sport Lounge and Inflatable Water Float; One of the most eye-catching floating tubes. Imagine the lumbar support you’ll get with that headrest while talking with your friends in the sun.

Some people are into the thrills of fast-moving waters and high currents. But that’s not you.

You like to lounge on a calm river with low currents, sipping your favourite drinks with friends, and having a good discussion. If you’re daydreaming as you read this, then the Intex River Run Sport Lounge and Inflatable Water float is for you. 

It has everything you need for that group hang out on the river: a good seat, headrest, and a drink holder, amongst many others.


Going on a family float trip just got more interesting. The River Run Sport Lounge by Intex has a rope and an opening to tie one tube to another. So, if you’re going on a river floating party with your friends, you all can stay close to each other by passing a rope through the hole found on the outside of the rafts. 

It’s also perfect if you’re more into lazy rafting on your own. However, you’ll also not experience any troubles if you decide to go on a wide ride with this tube. It’s the perfect deal for any kind of river tubing experience.

Whichever the case might be, setting up has been made effortless as the package comes with a powered air pump and clear directions on inflating and deflating the tube. 

Remember those ropes surrounding the tube I mentioned earlier? 

They made climbing on the tube easy when you’ve inflated it and placed it on the river. And when you finally get on, the tube has numerous features to facilitate a great experience.

The first one is the sheer amount of space on this tube. Even stout adults with towering heights can comfortably sit in this without worrying about their legs entering the water. 

Now, you might think that’ll make them oversized for smaller individuals such that they fall into the river or have to stretch themselves to stay on it, but that’s not the case because it also contains a mesh bottom that prevents you from dipping into the river. So, for smaller individuals, it creates much room for you to sit comfortably. 

Speaking of comfort, Intex still has more to offer, as the tube has a separate air chamber that serves as the headrest, providing you with adequate lumbar support while lounging and a drink holder for maximum fun.  

Shown in photo: A person lounging on the Intex River Run Sport Lounge and Inflatable Water Float resting on the headrest and keeping their bottle in the cupholder. 

  • 👍 Thumbs up: The headrest is a separate air chamber, so it won’t deflate the whole tube if it suffers a significant puncture. 
  • 💡 So you know: The cupholder is only large enough to hold small bottles like a soda can. This site is to ensure that you don’t lose your drink. 

With these numerous fancy features, this river floating tube may come off as a delicate product unable to handle pressure. It’s not!

The tube is made of rugged, durable vinyl material capable of holding much pressure and beatings. So much so that it emerges unscathed, even in shallow rivers where you might scrape rocks at the bottom as you float. To lengthen the life span, it also comes with a cover to prevent the tube from excess pressure and beatings. 

It comes with handles that make it easy to carry them from the car park to the riverside and back.

A rope around it ensures you don’t struggle to get into or out of it. 

  • 💡 Want a considerable price cut? Try purchasing this river floating tube during the off-season. This period often coincides with the winter months when most people don’t want to go river floating, so the demand for these tubes is relatively low. As a result, the price also reduces. 


This may be due to the build material, but the tube can be challenging to pack for a trip due to its heaviness and bulkiness.

  • 💡 Expert Advice: Getting a cheap paddle to help you navigate properly can be a great idea. This is because you might find it difficult to control your movement if you’re not tied to others in a group or don’t have long hands to reach in the water. 

Reports have also indicated that the tube loses air on a river trip. This issue hints at possible problems with the valves because the tube is made of rigid materials.

The mesh bottoms sometimes might come off while river tubing. 

  • 👎 Thumbs down: There’s been some sort of false advertising by Intex for a while now as the product package still specifies that the product’s size is 53” whereas the product inside is sometimes smaller than the stated dimension. 

The cupholders can be more significant to fit larger-sized bottles. It almost doesn’t hold anything larger than a soda can.


The Intex river run sport lounge is one of the best river floating tubes. It has everything. 

I’m most fascinated by the fact that it is a perfect combination of style, practicality and durability. I love it. 

  • Very big and spacious
  • Good build quality
  • Comfortable
  • Functional cupholder
  • Heaviness
  • The mesh bottom sometimes falls off


This product is currently unavailable on Amazon. I guess most people discovered how good it was. However, you can get the blue-coloured variant on the manufacturer’s website for $29.99, $10 less than it typically costs due to an ongoing promo.


Colour: Red

Brand: INTEX

Material: Vinyl

Life vest type: Type III

2. GoSports 44″ Heavy Duty River Tube with Premium Canvas Cover 

Best Premium River Floating Tube

Shown in Photo: The GoSports 44” Heavy-Duty River Tube. Peep the reinforced mesh for leisure floating!

Here’s how great this product is: Someone who bought it rated it poorly, hear this because it was so good someone who saw how much they were enjoying it stole it from them! 

Incredible right? 

The GoSports 44″ Heavy-Duty River Tube stands out in form and function, making it an exceptional choice among the current river tubes. Its stunning appearance is matched by its superior performance.


The GoSports 44” Heavy-duty river tube is very sturdy. Picture a truck tube covered with a polyester canvas with a mesh bottom. 

Be it a rocky or shallow river, this river tube has what it takes to hold up against all boulders and riffles as it is made of a reinforced inner tube.

It comes with a strap and a hook that makes it easy to carry by wearing it across your body. 

With four handles at different heights, it is adaptable for multiple uses. For instance, if you’re sitting above, the handles can help you store your beverage and serve as a small dry bag. Also, they can serve as tow straps if you’re sitting below or on the water’s surface. 

It also comes with straps and clips that make it very easy to raft together.


Although the canvas is sturdy and durable, it irritates the skin on bare contact, especially when there’s regular movement. 

The presence of some wiggle room between the tube and the liner when the tube is fully inflated further contributes to this roughness on the skin. This is because one of the factors responsible for the sturdiness of this river tube is the fact that it is built as an inner tube and a liner.

The “premium” river tube uses a slightly different air valve than most river tubes. As a result, you’ll need a tire pump for inflation, and it takes slightly longer periods (about 20 minutes) than regular river tubes. 

It’s a little too big for smaller individuals.


Price is what you pay and value  — scratch that — the GoSports Heavy-Duty River Tube is what you get for paying that price. 

With elite build quality, subtle and functional features, and exceptional versatility, the GoSports 44” heavy-duty tube is one of the best river tubes money can buy. Now it is pricey, but if you’re up for it, I can assure you you’ll get good value for your money.


GoSports clearly values this product as top-of-the-line, selling for $256 on Amazon. However, you can get a better deal on the manufacturer’s website, where it sells for $99.


Brand: GoSports

Colour: Blue

Material: Rubber Canvas

Style: Blue

Closure Type: Clip

3. ZANGEROI Heavy-Duty River Tube 

Best River Floating Tube for Riding the Rapids

Shown in Photo: Best Heavy-duty River Tube: The Zanageroi heavy-duty tube is built with heavy-duty rubber material capable of withstanding rocks and obstacles without getting punctured. 

As the name implies, the Zangeroi heavy-duty river tube is one of your best options if you need a floating tube capable of withstanding the stress and impact of all the obstacles you might encounter while floating in a river during the summer. It also doubles as a fantastic snow sledge in the winter. 

Measuring 40” when firm and 44” when fully inflated, this tube is the perfect size for grown adults under 250 lbs.


Being a heavy-duty tube made from 100% commercial-grade latex-free rubber, the Zangeroi heavy-duty rubber tube is right up there with the best tubes in terms of toughness, thickness, and durability.  Best believe it won’t puncture easily. 

When I unboxed the package the tube came in, I discovered that the valve stem wasn’t screwed all the way. However, inflating became effortless with the different valve stem tools that came with it. 

  • Important: 🔥 You should know that you can only deflate or inflate with this valve stem tool, so keep it close to the rubber itself in case you need to inflate or deflate the tube. 

In my opinion, the tube has the potential to last long with the proper maintenance because the build material is very thick and sturdy. 

Sitting in it was comforting because one side was more puffed up than the other. This uneven air distribution made it feel like a chair, with one side supporting most of my body weight and the other supporting just my legs.

And when I got back tired from the river and unable to deflate it for storage, I left it in the garage throughout the night, and it didn’t deflate till the following day. You can rest assured that it wouldn’t collapse on its own. 

  • Thumbs up 👍 The Zangeroi brand has a prompt return service for buyers with complaints about the product. 


The first thing that struck me negatively with this rubber tube was the overpowering chemical or industrial scent with notes of synthetic products. Of course, rubber was synthetic, so that was expected. However, the smell was too strong for me as a person prone to respiratory irritations and allergies. I asked around and discovered some people got nauseous or had headaches. 

Not cool, Zangeroi. 

  • Expert Advice 💡 To avoid the rubber smell, purchase it ahead of time, keep it in the sun, and flip both sides at intervals to get the smell out before use.
  • Expert Advice 💡 To remove the rubber smell, wash it with soap and running water and let it dry. You can repeat the process several times until you get the desired result. 

Since I had a reasonably positive experience using the product, I recommended it to some friends who claimed that the inner tube bursts during inflation, implying that It pops too quickly. I imagined this is because they didn’t pump it up in stages, but it’s not enough to go off like that.

So, while trying to probe into the probable cause, I figured out that this might be due to the rubber’s structure of having an area meant to support a person’s weight, as the floating tubes seemed to inflate unevenly with bulges in different. 

  • Expert Advice 💡 you can avoid these bulges and uneven inflation by filling the tube with air in stages over several hours. You pump it up a bit and let it sit for some hours before pumping it again. 

Also, if you’re a big guy like me, you might be disappointed by the size as it wasn’t as high as I’d expected.

  • Expert Advice 💡 You might want to check the price at your local nursery before purchasing on Amazon. You might get a better deal at any of these physical stores. 


Despite some drawbacks like the synthetic rubber smell, popping inner tubes, and uneven inflation, the Zangeroi offers one of the most rigid materials to deal with river obstacles and rough terrains. You can also use it as a snow tube in the winter. 

They also have responsive customer service when you have issues, ensuring you have the necessary support.

  • Thick material
  • Quick customer service
  • It comes with valve stem tools
  • Strong rubber smell
  • It bulges during inflation


It is currently unavailable on Amazon. However, you can purchase it for $31.50 on eBay.


Style: Heavy Duty


Colour: 38″

Age Range: Adult

Package Dimensions: 35.56 x 25.4 x 7.62 cm; 2.56 Kilograms

4. SAFIGLE 1pc Inflatables Lifebuoy Float Outdoor Doughnuts 

Best Aesthetically-Pleasing River Floating Tube 

You don’t have to search far and wide for a functional yet visually-appealing product if aesthetics is what rocks your boat. If you love everyone at the pool or river spotting you every time they walk past, only a few products have that magnetic property. The Safigle 1pc inflatable lifebuoy float outdoor doughnut is one of them. 


The 1pc inflatable lifebuoy float outdoor doughnuts features a vibrant rainbow colour that’ll stand out wherever you are. This radiant appearance makes it perfect for pool parties and lake raves. 

Although it isn’t the best-floating tube regarding durability, stability, or toughness, It communicates that it’s a sparkly, entertainment-themed river floating swim ring toy. Its design creates a tremendously calm environment that makes you relax. 

It’s also easy to carry, store, inflate, deflate and wipe down. This ease of use further communicates its emphasis on your entertainment. 

The top sides of the doughnut contain a grabbable handle, making it almost impossible for you to tip over by giving you more stability.


The internal seam can hurt your hands.


Although the Safigle 1pc Inflatable Lifebuoy Float Outdoor doughnuts are not currently on sale, the specifications indicate it’s a terrific product for entertainment purposes.


The product is currently out of stock on Amazon.


Size: 90x90cm

Colour: Colourful


Item weight: 321 Grams

5. FUNNYTA Swim Ring, Flamingo Inflatable Pool Float 

Best River Floating Tubes for Both Adults and Kids

Shown in Photo: The FUNNYTA Swim ring, Flamingo Inflatable Pool float;


The Funnyta swim ring can be easily spotted from afar because of its cute cartoon patterns and bright colours. This radiance gives it a chic and captivating allure that attracts your kids and makes it easy for you to find them in a river full of people on different floating tubes.

Its upgraded valve reduces the chances of air leakages while flowing down the river. It also makes inflation and deflation straightforward. Consequently, you wouldn’t have difficulty pumping air into it when you get to the river or deflating it for packaging into your backpack when returning home.

The dimensions of this swimming ring make it uniquely suitable for use by both adults and children.

  • 💡 Expert Advice: Ensure children use it under adult supervision for safety.

One of my marvels about this product is its versatility. At this price, you don’t often find a suitable river tube for use on lakes, pools, beaches, seashores, and even home swimming. 

It can serve all these functions due to the carbon-strong polymerised PVC build material’s rugged, soft, and extremely tight nature. It is tightly fitted using ultrasonic seamless bonding technology. This means it won’t rip unexpectedly at the joints when pumping in the air.

Not many floating tubes employ this international ultrasonic seamless bonding technology. So, it represents a massive application of novel technology in guaranteeing comfort and durability. Not only that, but this technology also gives you a more buoyant force that confers a sense of security and comfort while on the river. 


The funnyta brand runs out of stock of this product very often. As a result, they’re usually unable to fulfil customer orders.

This tube wouldn’t be my go-to choice for someone like me who loves to lounge in the river without getting my butt wet. It has no mesh bottom to protect me from slipping into the water. 

In addition to constantly going out of stock, the tube is sold in only one size. So, only adults and children who fall within that unique size range can use it.


If you fall within the specific demographic of individuals, this is meant for. then you’ll have a fantastic experience. However, it doesn’t have enough features to serve a broader range of people. 

  • Cute cartoon patterns
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Only one size
  • No mesh bottoms


The product is currently out of stock on Amazon.


Size: One Size


Material: Polyvinyl Chloride

6. Intex 58837 Double Water Lounge

Best River Floating Tube for a Cool Cruise With a Partner

Shown in Image: The Intex double water lounge. Two comfortable seats for two individuals and separate drink compartments.

The Intex 58837 is the best choice for a peaceful dialogue between two people on a tranquil river. Available in blue, white, and black colour, this double water lounge has all the features required to give you and your partner or kid a fantastic getaway experience.


With a thoughtful division to create separate rooms for two individuals, Intex gave themselves a big ask here to meet the comfort demands of both individuals. And they did!

The first and most important thing is the sense of safety and security for both individuals. Intex guaranteed this by building the float tube from the robust polypropylene PVC material. Yes, you might have decided to have a quiet time around a spot. Still, should you turn up the heat to go on rollercoaster rides in shallow waters, you can rest assured your floating tube will emerge unscathed from numerous encounters with rocks and obstacles.

On top of that, it has a super load capacity and is indeed strong enough to carry two people.

However, to cater to your primary objective for going on the river with your partner — a relaxed cruise. 

This floating tube has everything you need: Two drink holders, so you both can sip and drop comfortably, a central compartment to store more drinks or keep items you don’t want to get wet (it’s your call), and a large shelf with a lid (Velcro).

There’s more: A built-in backrest to kick back comfortably, five air chambers, and heavy-duty safety handles to help you quickly get in and out. 

  • 👍 Thumbs Up Intex: You might have as well just built up a house on the water.

Because this is nice, and Intex has many other lovely products, you might want to widen the party to include more friends. You know, turn it into a group hangout.

If that’s the case, this floating tube has handles and railings for attachments. There are easy-to-use connectors that make it seamless to fasten to other floating tubes in your group, making it an even more excellent product to sit and have a discussion on the water either in pairs or a group.

Shown in Photo: Two partners lounging in the Intex double lounger fastened to other floating tubes in a group of friends. 


For a product that’s so good, you’ll likely expect significant drawbacks from minor errors, which is true. 

Intex sometimes delivers the product with ropes and railings that are too small for the ring’s size. And that might make it difficult to fasten the tube to other tubes.

Another drawback related to delivery is that some packages are delivered with the storage space (middle section) defective and unable to get inflated.

I know you’re probably picturing the floating tube as a mini home on the river, but before you pack food for the whole day, you should know that the cooler compartment thaws quickly. Your food and drinks might get hot pretty quickly.

  • 💡 Expert Advice: Pack plenty of ice if you intend to spend the whole day on the river. That’ll help you keep your drinks cold for much longer.

One of the compartments is sometimes not as deep as expected, reducing the anticipated comfort. 

The mesh floor and underside of this tube tend to be ridden with holes when stored in a storage compartment for an extended period. 

  • 💡 Expert Advice: Don’t keep it in storage for too long without checking it out and keeping it in a cool open space for air. 


Intex continues to live up to its reputation by delivering this comfortable lounge for a cool cruise. The Intex 58837 is well-made for comfort with an ergonomic headrest for spinal cushion, great build material for durability and security, and numerous fine details that communicate relaxation, pleasure, and gratification. 

You deserve it!


The Intex 58837 double water lounge sells from the manufacturer’s website for $64.99. It is currently unavailable on Amazon. 


Size: 95½” x 62″ (2.43 m x 1.57 m)

Colour: Blue/ white and black

Brand: INTEX

Material: Polypropylene, PVC

Item weight: 5.25 Kilograms

7. Tube Pro Red 48″ Premium River Tube

Best River Floating Tube for Commercial River Tubing


It’s built with allure and luxury in mind and is one of the most attractive river floating tubes you’ll find out there. You might decide to purchase it just for looks or the image it’ll cast on your pool area by just floating on the water. 

Picture this: You’re sitting on the tube with your back resting on the backrest and your hands grabbing on the two large support handles as you slide slowly down the river. 

How about we escalate that and go one better? You’re assuming the same position, but this time you’re sliding down faster down a shallow river with steep terrain. Thinking about scratching your butt on the floor?

Tube pro already did and made provisions for it with the mesh floor. You’re in your river Cadillac’s driver’s seat right now.

  • But the chair isn’t just a delightful presentation colt: With an extra heavy-duty 30 gauge blue PVC Vinyl build material, the Red 48” can take a beating. 

The PVC material can also endure long playtime and UV and chlorine exposure. As an added advantage, you’ll also easily wash off dirt sticking to the tube after your rides.

On top of that, it is built with a lot of safety consciousness as it has two air chambers and an additional safety chamber to ensure that you don’t sink even if the major air chamber gets punctured during your rides.

The air chambers provide extra buoyancy in emergency punctures to ensure you stay afloat till you get off the river.  


Although the extra heavy-duty blue PVC Vinyl build material makes the tube tough, it is also difficult to carry to and from the river. To make it worse, it doesn’t come with a storage pack or handle to make things easy. It gets really tedious sometimes. 


The Tube Pro 48” appears and functions like a luxurious commercial river tube. It is built with quality material, making it durable enough to go on multiple river rides.

With a radiant appearance, a Vinyl PVC build material, and plenty of safety features like multiple air chambers and tube storage pockets, the Tube Pro Red 48” is the best river floating tube for commercial river tubing


Tube Pro, having dubbed this tube the Cadillac of river tubes, sets its price as such on the premium side of the market, with one tube selling for $49.00 on the manufacturer’s website. It’s currently unavailable on Instagram.


Brand: Tube Pro

Material: Vinyl

Item weight: 7.01 Pounds

8. OZARK Trail River Tube (Green)

Best Budget River Floating Tube

Shown in Photo: The Ozark Trail River Tube (Green) Outdoor Equipment. Grab rope makes it easy for you to hop in from the river after raking a swim. 

You know what they say: The value of something isn’t always determined by its price tag. Such is the case of the Ozark Trail River Tube. If you’re on a low budget yet want a functional river floating tube to cater for you and yours, you should try this. 


The Ozark Trail river tube features eye-catching colours, sturdy build material, and grab ropes to aid your navigation. 

I talked to a family of four about this product; they’ve had nothing but praise for it. They told me they got three of these as a trial last summer because of the low price and that they weren’t expecting it to last long. 

However, the first thing they noticed about it was how incredibly easy it was to blow up. And for a family of very active boys jumping up and down the tube, the product held up well, as they didn’t experience any air leakages after multiple uses last summer.

Then they deflated it (again, incredibly easy) and decided to keep it in a plastic container with low hopes about being able to reuse them after a while. However, when they pulled them out a few months later for use, they were still strong and in good shape. I think durable is the word to describe it!

For a product with a much lower price than the other options in the market, the Ozark Trail river tube has a good appearance as It comes in various vibrant colours, including green, purple, red, rainbow, etc.

Furthermore, in terms of functionality, the Ozark trail has some grab ropes that make it easy to get on the boat from the river should you decide to swim. 

  • Expert Opinion: Ensure you tightly tie the ropes around the tube to prevent it from getting in your way or making the body parts stuck. 

The size is perfect for fully grown, stout adults and little kids.  


Although the colours on these floating tubes are vibrant, sadly, they don’t stay on the tube itself for long sometimes. Instead, they come off the tube and onto your skin. 

  • 💡 Expert Advice: Before setting out for the whole day on the river, try rubbing your palms on a small area of the tube to see if the one you got does peel off easily.
  • 💡 Expert Advice: If it does, wear protective clothing or rub a barrier cream or lotion on your skin to prevent staining. 

There’s no headrest on this tube, thus making lounging in it a bit stressful on your neck and back.

  • Hello, It’s 2023, and River Tubing is a Major thing! Manufacturers of river floating tubes should include headrests as standard features. Float tubes shouldn’t be manufactured like mere tyre inner tubes any longer.

The grab rope around this tube is meant to help you reach the river to steer yourself in your desired direction. However, you can get your hand bruised if you do that.

  • 💡 Expert Advice: Try getting a paddle to help with the movement.

This river tube lasts long when used in rivers with little or no rocks. However, when used in regions with the probability of scraping against rocks and sharp edges, you’ll likely experience punctures.


Ozark is offering one of the best river floating tube deals you’ll ever get in the Trail River outdoor equipment. You should take it if you don’t have a budget for something elaborate and high-end.

They zeroed in on the most important things like buoyancy, accessibility, and durability. 


The Ozark Trail River Tube is currently unavailable on Amazon. However, depending on the colour, you can get it at Walmart for about $5.00 to $10.89. The green colour sells for $6.98 at Walmart. 


Size: One Size

Colour: Green/Black

Brand: Ozark Trail

Material: Vinyl

Life vest type: Type IV

Assembled product dimensions: 38.98 x 38.98 x 10.63 Inches

9. Intex Inflatable Colour Whirl Floating Tube Raft w/ Handles

Best River Floating Tubes for Lazy Tubing

Isn’t it inviting? It is even more comforting. The Intex Inflatable colour whirl floating tube raft with handles paints a mood of relaxation on the river with its colourful whirls and comfortable material. 

It wants you to sit back, relax, and enjoy nature.


The colour whirl floating tube comes as a set of two in one package, and they are fine! But that’s not all that there is to it.

It’s not the sturdiest floating tube but can hold its own. And that’s what I love about the tube. It seems to have just the right amount of strength and toughness to deal with the obstacles you might encounter at normal lakes and rivers.

As I hinted earlier, there’s more to it than meets the eye, and the first thing you should know is how much emphasis this product’s design lies on ensuring your safety. 

It has multiple air chambers to ensure that if one of the chambers gets punctured while you’re in the river, you won’t sink into the water and will get enough buoyancy to find your way to the land.

Thrilled? Unlike most other floating tubes, you can order it now and get it as quickly as possible. 

  • 👍 Thumbs Up: Intex delivers the products on time. You can get it as early as two days after placing your order.

You’ll also enjoy excellent features whose effects are not so pronounced but can impact your river tubing experience. 

A perfect example of such qualities is the semi-flexible handles. These handles make it easy to tie anything you want to keep dry on the river to the tube. 


When you look at this tube, you see an aesthetically pleasing river tube. However, Intex sometimes messes up that look by writing warning labels on the front side of the tube.  Of course, it doesn’t stop it from working well. 

  • I should warn you: If you have no prior experience inflating floating tubes, you might find it challenging to wrap your head around them. This difficulty is partly because the tube has different air chambers you must inflate independently. Also, a crescent-shaped inner part tends to prove difficult most times. 
  • 💡 Expert Advice: Try getting a pump to simplify the process. You should also check the manufacturer’s site for instructional videos to put you through.

They’re also heavy and difficult to package around.

  • 👎 Thumbs down: Intex often gets the order wrong. They sometimes deliver either the wrong size or the wrong colour.


The Intex Inflatable colour whirl floating tube raft is an amazing river tube for lazying around the river or lake. It has what it takes to deal with obstacles and everything you need to guarantee comfort and safety. 

  • Easy to inflate
  • Durable
  • Holds air for longer periods
  • Heavy and difficult to move around
  • Colour fades easily.


It is currently unavailable on Amazon


Size: 2 Pack

Colour: Assorted Colours

Brand: INTEX

Material: Vinyl

Life vest type: Type IV

Final Words About River Floating Tubes

These are just nine of the tons of river floating tubes available today. The right one for you is probably on this list, but you’ll also need to do some consideration on your own based on your budget, the person using the tube, and what activity you’ll be performing. 

Some tubes are more suited to some activities than others. For instance, I consider the Safigle 1pc Inflatable Lifebuoy Float Outdoor doughnuts the most aesthetically-pleasing river tube, making it ideal for adding beauty to a pool or river. On the other hand, the Intex River Run Sport Lounge and Inflatable Water Float is the overall best river floating tube because I believe it has it all. 

So, I hope I’ve been able to help you choose the best river floating tube for your particular needs. Have fun on the river!