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Floating devices must not be used to prevent drownings. They’re NOT a replacement for life jackets! Think of them as toys and accessories that facilitate family fun on the water.

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Choose a water floatation device that prepares you for your next water adventure. You’ll find an option that’s right for your kids’s age and size.

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Baby pool floats are designed to help infants and babies stay afloat and enjoy the water. They often feature sunshades to keep your baby protected from sunlight and toys to keep them entertained. Remember to always supervise babies and infants in pool floats, as they're not suitable for use as life saving devices.
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Swim floaties are inflatable floatation devices that help toddlers stay afloat in the water. Placed on the toddler's arms, they provide a level of buoyancy that helps them stay afloat - without restricting movement. Remember that swim floaties are not a substitute for adult supervision; closely monitor children wearing them.
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River floating tubes are loved by kids (and many adults!) because they let you take full advantage of rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water with slow currents. Made from durable PVC, they're designed to withstand abuse. Many models feature built-in cup holders, backrests, and mesh bottoms for added protection and convenience.
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Floating mats triple the amount of fun your kids can have on the lake. Designed to float on top of the water surface while supporting a human's weight, they can be used by children and adults alike. Remember to never leave children unattended and don't use floating lake mats as a substitute for life jackets.
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Floating islands are large, inflatable platforms that unlock new possibilities for your children in the pool or the local river. Because they can support the weight of multiple people without capsizing, they help kids build friendships connections while teaching them essential social skills. As always, closely supervise your kids while they're using a floating island.
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