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Anything that helps them have fun, at any age. Floaties, mats, lily pads, islands and river tubes.

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Serious equipment to keep your kids safe around water. Type I, Type II and Type III life jackets for all ages.

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Create a fun and safe environment in your backyard. Above-ground pools, kiddie pools and slides.

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Why WaterEducation Matters

Around 950 children drown in the US every year. We know that reducing this number and teaching water safety to children is a priority for parents. That’s why the Water Hazards Youth Commission for Safety (WHYCOS) puts an emphasis on building children’s swimming skills and providing equipment that will help them stay safe.


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What We Offer

WHYCOS’ mission is to encourage every child to enjoy the water and learn to swim while providing parents with best practices and knowledge that minimise the risk of accidents.

Swim School Recommendations

Teach your kids to swim at a swim school or squad near you. We hand-picked the best schools in all 50 states.

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Learn how to protect your child around water by following our guides.

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Give your kid oceans of confidence with meets and club championships. Browse the competition calendar in all 50 states.

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Buy the best floats, life jackets and water toys.

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Swim safety can't improve without legal and policy reform. We drive safety outcomes by looking for opportunities to improve our laws.

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Bond with other parents and their kids by sharing your love for the water.

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Helping kids be more confident around water.

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Helping you pick the right life jackets, pools & toys.

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Helping you gain skills that can prevent drownings.

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Use our resources to learn how to be an effective parent around water. Get fast answers to your questions and spend more time with your kid.

  • Boating While Pregnant
  • Basics Of CPR
  • Kayaking With Kids
  • Best Water Games

What Parents Say

WHYCOS’ mission is to improve water safety in the United States by providing an accessible, top-notch education for parents and kids.

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